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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

love story : one month a thousand stories :')

just call my name Radit time on Saturday a cheerful, holiday school when I play I intend to call it my home son, when he got me there I found the son was still sleeping soundly, and I just can not wait I will go to sleep unexpectedly, at about 12 the day the son asked me to go into a shop, he had an appointment there with her ex-boyfriend call it Agustin to restore the sweeter the loan to the son Agustin, this is the first time I met Agustin but I've been hearing his name, the correct word The first
sight was so beautiful I see her so pretty, polite, warm-hearted, his face was so sweet to get gulapun less sweet by himself, he was not there long long after taking her straight home sweeter.

well until then I'd never be reunited with her, suddenly sector in the morning when I was playing I liked facebook status, and he sent a message to my wall "Radit time in the shop so that the same Son", I was replying to a message, it up until I ventured to ask her phone number and shoots beloved side dish arrived by saying: D, finally she gave me her phone number, at that time our relationship was limited to her younger brother and sister called me and I called him because he's a year younger under age.

on December 25 I ventured to express my love to her and she responds by accepting love, the day I passed the day so beautifully with her every day even though we always fight to challenge something stupid: D, he is often called as the "camell" for some reason he is calling me it may be that calls dear to me, in fact we had dropped out but because we love each other we went back, the 25th of January we celebrate one month of our relationship, we menontn parker movie action movie full of stunts, we really enjoyed the day, the 26th of January still as ever, but somehow that night and what reason he decided to end our relationship, it's the month of my life, even though their short but very fond hearts, one in a thousand stories: ')

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